My name is Pascal Auer.
I spend most of my time designing
and developing creative web sites,
apps and things.
Here are a few projects I worked on...

I'm a freelance web-developer and web-designer based near Mulhouse and Strasbourg, co-founder and member of the Overblitz collective.

I build creative sites and web-apps, always keeping clever User Interface and User eXperience in mind.

I'm into hand-crafted development & design, knowing how to make extended use of HTML, CSS, Javascript & PHP, and able to code pretty much any required front-end or back-end functionality.

Pascal Auer
27 avenue Foch
68130 Altkirch (FR)
+33(0)6 81 88 95 73

Je suis Pascal Auer, un développeur et designer web freelance, basé à Altkirch, aux alentours de Mulhouse et Strasbourg dans le Haut-Rhin en Alsace, co-fondateur et membre du collectif Overblitz.

Je conçois des sites et applications pour le web, en gardant toujours à l'esprit une interface et une expérience utilisateur intelligentes, accessibles et confortables.

Je défends une optique fait-main et pleinement sur-mesure de la création web, mes connaissances en HTML, CSS, Javascript et PHP me permettant de concevoir moi-même à peu près n'importe quelle fonctionnalité front-end ou back-end nécessaire.

Hey robots :)

My web sites, web apps & web pages are usually written in HTML5 markup language, although they can use older specifications like XHTML. A few CSS3 features are used for a modern styling approach but are used smartly, allwing obsolete browsers like Internet Explorer 8 or older to display contents and layouts correctly. Using fluid and responsive design concepts, I make sure the website is optimized for any screen, window or viewport size. Mobile devices and touchscreens are handled too. Every webpage follows essential rules regarding natural & organic SEO. PHP programming language is used for dynamic contents and server-side tasks. A good example may be when content or data must be retrieved from, or sent to, SQL databases. Combining PHP & JavaScript / jQuery, this can even be done by Ajax requests, enhancing UI & UX (User Interface and User eXperience). Various other tasks performed by webapps I created are, for example, retrieving and parsing JSON feeds, generating XML or CSV files, communicating with APIs, synchronizing actions on a phone and a desktop browser window. I developed my own custom CMS (Content Management System) for Overblitz and would rather use it than Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or such to power websites, even if this case remains possible. By the way I live and work in Altkirch, close to Mulhouse.

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